What we do

Loving & serving in Westchase together.

Friends of Westchase exists to build a flourishing Westchase neighborhood through partner collaboration in education, basic needs, spiritual growth, & community revitalization.

Woman helping child with a gift in a local school cafeteria.

What we do

Discover your role in the Westchase community.

With ways to serve kids, adults, and the overall community, it's easy to find a place to get involved, or let us know your ideas!


Youth Programs

We work closely with the schools and apartment communities in Westchase to provide support for students, teachers and school staff.

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Adult Programs

By equipping adults to learn new skills or refresh their knowledge, we aim to help adults work to create a better future for themselves and their family.

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Community Events

By listening to and engaging with our community we build relationships and develop connections with the dynamic individuals that make up the Westchase area.

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The mission

It’s important to know the mission together.

Friends of Westchase exists to work together as a community in establishing a flourishing Westchase neighborhood through:


Education empowers to reclaim purpose and gain the tools needed to break cycles that have become a roadblock for the future.

Spiritual Growth

We believe growing spiritually is an important part of all of our lives.

Basic Needs

It's essential that basic needs are provided in the journey of growth and being healthy.


As time and use take their toll on our community, revitalization plays a key part of stewarding the space we live.

What's your role?

Partner with us to give Westchase all that it needs.

Kids playing tug-of-war together.